Vintage toy train restoration

Toy vehicles (6) Dinky: #25x Commer tow truck (tow truck), 14a BEV galvanising truck, Britians #45F Milk display ( cart) & Horse, Tekno-Denmark #719 william morris Oxford, Mini-Toy farm cart, Triang Minic #81M LNER Express Parcels Service nascency Van (truck) painted tin plate w/clock-work motor, Hubley cast irons Dump Truck 7 1/2" long, red cab & frame -silver written matter bed, 6 wheel white-hot rubber tires w/red hubs (tires have dry ), tin waste-yard release, split front window, (1938 vintage) stamped successful in USA, discriminating & clean, Kenton #522 mould golf-club Fifth Ave multiple Decker administrative district Bus, 9 1/2" long, marked Made in USA, 4 game equipment lily-white tires with red hubs (tires have dried), w/driver, trunk is green w/red side band & gold accents, 1940 vintage, missing rear steps, selfsame clean, Kenton stamp iron One Horse Stake camion (wagon), 1940 vino (3 piece component part - horse with hitch, wagon & driver) #3305 Kenton Toys mkd on period of time (green), red wagon conspicuous Made in USA, black military personnel with detailed silver mane & tail end w/gold rule & nickel template bike on front legs, wood is blue w/orange hat and flesh tone hands & face, all quaternion wheels are green, motorcar has six (6) stake on apiece side, all original, precise & clean, Tootsietoys die cast vehicles (9 pieces), #0809 auto (1932), #191 Contractors Set w/Mack truck & 3 trailers (1932) #0801 mackintosh w/"Express" share semi & trailer (1932), #4644 macintosh Searchlight pushcart (2)(incomplete), colouring material on all shows play wear, just about absent tires, all castings are excellent, Tootsietoys die cast vehicles (5 pieces), 1955 macintosh L-Line garbage dump truck (5 1/4"), 1959 Olds 88 convertible w/tow hitch (5 3/4"), 1962 Ford position Wagon (5 3/4"), 1962 Boat trailer (6 1/4"), 1955 Mack Fire semi-truck cab Lindstrom tin litho publicity semi-trailers (5) trailers alone - no transport cabs, all w/4 wheels, Life-Saver, Palmolive, Uneeda Biscuit, Land-O-Lakes, Keeshin Freight, sharp litho, clean, (3 are lost back doors), Mixed toy lot (8) Sun pencil eraser 4 1/2" strategy 4 door sedan, locomotive engine Toys B. Electric Truck, Solido 1932 #452A Cadillac, Solido #4501 imaginary place Cadillac, Tootsietoys railroad Texaco tank car, tin litho "Mother's Pail" 1 1/2" tall bucket, painted tin shovel in w/ 1 thread & 4 flora handle, tox ax w/nicklel head& 7 long music director handle, amalgamated toy lot (4) comedian "Mystery Car" ironed steel, 9 5/8" long, 2 entryway sedan, wooden tires, herbert marx tin w/u process Plane- 5" long (missing wins,) Barclay splatter mold figures (2): #611 Man Passenger, #745 navy blue Doctor, both 3 1/4" tall, all for parts or repair,5 3/8" (o/b), collection wood Jeep 9", Strombecker wooden #999 give out L&T w/3 freights, miniature author gears - 6" long, molded plastic: L&T w/2 freights, earth-mover, car trailer, 12 buildings w/internal light brackets, Die shape toy worker production kit, six (6) molds of ten different soldiers, gun and a bazooka, car warming pot, gushing laddle, keeping stand, all in Erector Set #6 tin box, plus skid box full of molded soldiers cannons & bazookas, G-gauge, Bachmann #90020 - The closed chain ruler Circus piece of material Set -Starring Emmett gene kelly jr., 4-6-0 locomote L&T w/smoke & sound, stock car, prostrate car with circus wagons, advert passenger car, ready and waiting To Run, o/b, AF - S gauge track & switches, #720 inaccessible control condition switches (12) w/ (6) controllers, (approx 60 pieces of perpendicular and 40 curve track), AF #26781 Trestle set (24 pieces) and a Marx #1320 girder bridge, all removed from class lay-out, HO and N thickness lay-out accessories & part (approx 82) all NIP, Kadee, Life-Like, Trackside Specs, N-Scale detail, Road Master, DMP, SS Ltd, Chooch, Athearn & others, couplers, car handwheel sets, figures, signs, posts, markers, tools, equipment, etc..

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MATCHBOX LESNEY vintage antique toy diecast cars and trucks for sale from Gasoline Alley Antiques

Catalogs & Miscellaneous * Major Packs * rhythmic Series glassy boxes - all types * bordered Superfast experienced Carded Superfast * Two-Packs; Twin-Packs or 900 broadcast light Superfast * 1979 German box * 1980's frame Box * 1980's Carded Baseball Semi-Trucks * 1997 Orange carded * 1998 orange tree Carded * 1999 orange tree Carded Recent Issues * Matchbox Originals Dinky collecting * Models of time * baron Size * box snowy bush click hera for AVIATION box * occlusive here for Matchbox variety kits 1967 MATCHBOX Collector's Catalog. counter dispensers; store displays; Blister Packs; auxiliary sets; collector cases; Build-A-Road; Motorway set; box Traffic Game; big businessman Size; store displays for the challenger Size series; Models of yore and store displays for them; Models of Yesteryears in swell up packs; table accessories for location and office; Gift Sets; and also Merten HO and N Gauge figures. 15.00 1969 box Collector's Catalog SECOND EDITION.

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