Sci astro amateur discussions

Our logos of the Year quality serves as a symbolic representation of apiece year’s most pregnant events and operation trends. It is an possibleness for us to cogitate on the speech and ideas that represented each year. So, take a stroll falling retentiveness lane to recall all of our ancient Word of the period selections.

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Scientists investigate the possibility of wormholes between stars

(Phys -- Wormholes are one of the stranger objects that originate in general relativity. Although no experimental certify for wormholes exists, scientists venture that they would appear to serve as shortcuts between one element of spacetime and another. Scientists usually imagine wormholes connecting regions of empty space, but now a new study suggests that wormholes strength exist between yon stars.

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03 What are the sci.astro newsgroups about?

There are eight groups in the *sci.astro* hierarchy: *sci.astro* Astronomy discussions and substance *sci.astro.amateur* someone natural philosophy equipment, techniques, info, etc. *sci.astro.seti* The seek for supernumerary Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) *sci.astro.fits* Issues related to the Flexible prototype Transport system of rules *sci.astro.hubble* Processing Hubble Space squelch data. (Moderated) *sci.astro.planetarium* word of planetariums *sci.astro.research* Forum in astronomy/astrophysics research.

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Description:'s List of Every Word of the Year - Everything After Z

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