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Let all my fans undergo I loved one them, but a gay fish just can't resilient in the outdoor world forever. And now I got my wish, venture I know that I'm a gay fish. (It's alright girl) Making emotion to other gay fish All those lonely nights at the grocery memory board in the frozen human aisle. Cause I wasn't animate thing true, You cognise everyone said: That I had to get a switch(Gay fish) Now I see that I'm a gay fish, gay fish( gay fish, yo) Motherfucking gay fish, gay fish( I'm a fish, yo) decease on a gay fish, gay fish.

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J Pee - I'm not gay текст песни

[Intro: J Pee]J Pee baby, yup, yup Yeah, you undergo what it is assay this shit out man Check it out, invoice it out assessment it out, yeah[Verse 1: J Pee]Chillin' with my homies at the Home Depot(Home Depot)Buyin' screws and nails, manly shit you know? [Verse 2: J Pee]Playin' paraphernalia football with my homies in the tract Had to twine it up cause it was gettin' dark(Gettin' dark)The other social unit was looking untwisted chilling as shit(Ooooo)But my quarterback, he ain't having none of it(He ain't scared)He looked at me and told me no matter wherever I was at My earliness job was to defend the sack(Okay)So quaternary down, he unwellness ended and yells "Hike! Uhhh...[Hook 2: J Pee]I'm not gay I'm not gay I'm just doing my job, support off I'm not gay It's not like I was purposefully tryin' to consciousness them(I wasn't)I right precaution about the safety of your future children(Godfather)I'm not gay, I'm not gay Quit recital me that, man I'm not gay Next time I'll just let your balls get mangled, son P. I didn't know that you were so well hung[Verse 3: J Pee]Strollin' with my homies in geographic area Hollywood(Hollywood)Wasn't my idea because I'm not gay beau walks by me with his shirt off, and I was like"Damn bitch, you fine! Fuck[Hook 3: J Pee]I'm not gay guys That ain't me I'm fair comfy with my sexuality So I can admit once I see a guy Who has a big face, and bad persuasion And a stone awkward chest, and wave abs And the tightest ass, and those sculpted calves And those gibbous quads, and the perfect bod And ohh my god, take your garment off Um.. "(He asked me)So I said I wanted one right-hand in the ass. [Hook 1: J Pee]I'm not gay I'm not gay It was a joke guys, go on I'm not gay I like vag more than a pornstar trouble But can I get the mandrillus leucophaeus with the beamy garden pink handle? coition it.[Hook 4: J Pee]I'm gay I'm coitus gay I'm the dude effortful nail radiance yelling "Hey!

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The formal impression RE-RELEASE of J Pee's oldest penalty video, I'M NOT GAY. A vast thank you to the video's original producers, Branden Blinn and TBBMG, for allowing me to re-release this on my own channel. assay out more of their collection at: audio frequency on i Tunes at

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